Does Alice Littlefield haunt the Littlefield dorm?
Many residents of the Littlefield dorm have reported strange occurrences throughout the dorm, but especially on the first floor, former residence of matriarch Alice Littlefield. The stories are often amusing; for instance, we've been told that a picture of a naked man, posted to the wall, will soon fall off. Perhaps the ghost of Mrs. Littlefield is making sure her residents maintain proper morals! On other occasions, residents have reported three loud knocks in the wall, as though from the other side of a hollow wooden wall. But when they try to knock back, they discover that the walls are solid concrete. One former resident shared a story of being cared for by the ghost. After falling asleep late one night on a couch, her friends made sure she was alright and then left her sleeping there for the night. However, she woke up several hours later, finding herself neatly tucked into the bed of none other than Alice Littlefield. Even now, the ghost of Mrs. Littlefield seems to haunt her former residence and make sure the girls are taken care of!
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